The distinguishing feature of our company lies in the versatility that allows us to adapt to the needs of each client in order to provide a solution according to their needs both in every-day situations as well as exceptional ones.


Our team is responsible for conducting an expert assessment of your property, designing a customized marketing plan to sell your property and managing all the necessary procedures and paperwork for closing the sale.

When buying, selling or renting a real estate, we take care of everything. We offer various options and solutions for you to choose from. Our primary goal is to make the purchase of a property improve the quality of life of its new owner.

We provide the best quality service and always manage to satisfy the needs both of buyers and owners whether they are selling, renting or buying a property.

Within our real estate department, our services focus on:

  • Property Management

With our team of professionals specializing in property management and administration, Gestior Consulting aims at providing a comprehensive service to meet the current needs of the horizontal and vertical property.

  • Property Gesconsulting

We offer a complete service for rental and sale of all types of estates in the province of Tarragona.

Our personal approach combined with professional advice will facilitate the important decision-making process when buying or renting an estate.

  • Preparation of certificates of habitability and energy efficiency certification.

We offer the possibility of preparing and providing you with the certificates of habitability and energy efficiency certification that are necessary to carry out any operation involving the sale or rental of a property. As quickly as possible.

In the field of consulting Gestior Consulting Group SA has different specific departments in the following areas:

  • Tax department
  • Labor department
  • Accounting department/ Commercial department
  • Legal department